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IPAC Canada Infection Prevention & Control Routine Practices E-Learning Curriculum

Accredited by le Société
de formation et d’éducation continue (SOFEDUC). 
The IPAC Canada Infection Prevention & Control Routine Practices E-Learning curriculum was launched in March 2012 and updated in May of 2013 and again in February of 2014.  The program was developed by a Pan-Canadian Committee of Infection Control Professionals (ICPs) and is designed to assist healthcare facilities and staff by offering a step by step overview on best practices for reducing infections through Routine Practices. 

This self-paced, six module curriculum is  primarily designed for Front Line Workers and includes case studies, simulations, narration, video and questions. You must take all six modules and achieve a minimum of 75% on the final exam after each module to receive a certificate of completion issued by Georgian College.

The Infection Prevention & Control Curriculum includes:  
Module 1: The Chain of Infection
Module 2: Routine Practice
Module 3: Hand Hygiene and Personal Protective Equipment
Module 4: Environmental Controls
Module 5: Source Control & Education
Module 6: Routine Practices Applications
Who should participate: Front Line Workers, Paramedics, Nurses, Physicians, Patient Care, Attendants, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Respiratory, Therapists, Phlebotomists, Diagnostic Imaging Technologists, Environmental, Services Staff, Home Care Personnel, Dietary Staff, Social Workers, Pastoral Services, Unit Clerks, Office Staff, Laundry Personnel and Pharmacy Staff.

The Benefits: The E-learning curriculum is available online, 24/7 can be accessed from any computer, no special software or hardware is required, the modules are bookmarked and you have three opportunities to receive your certificate. Reporting and administration is strictly confidential and provided by Georgian College, an accredited provincial post-secondary institution.
  • The Infection Prevention & Control curriculum is updated to reflect current regulatory standards and protocols cross Canada
  • We provide comprehensive administration &  enrollment support and reporting
  • A French version is now available as well - (to view details in French, click here)
  • Successful learners will receive a certificate from Georgian College for their successful completion of the E-Learning Program


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