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Your Partner in E-Learning

Our production partner, Inc., has over 30 years experience in instructional design, interactive simulations and video production. 
Georgian College Workforce Development is constantly seeking to develop new E-Learning course content based on the needs of your workplace or industry. We are flexible in that we can offer a generic learning package, based on our existing E-Learning programs, or we can customize the learning experience for your company or industry with unique examples or branding.

We work with you to develop new modules and curricula to respond to your industry and workplace demands, and we can provide a subject matter expert or work with your subject matter expert to develop customized E-Learning content. Our production partner, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in developing award winning E-Learning content that is dynamic and engaging, using a full spectrum of media including: animation, simulations, video, audio or quizzes to develop level 1, 2 or 3 E-Learning modules.

Our E-Learning partnerships feature:

  • The ability to create your own E-Learning modules with the guidance of E-learning specialists
  • Low-cost development protocol allows the production of new E-Learning content
  • Access to all available E-learning content by all participants in your organization anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year
  • Subject matter experts are selected by Georgian College through a detailed review process
  • A comprehensive web enabled infrastructure to support administration and implementation
  • Georgian College is an expert in instructional design
  • E-Learning can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s infrastructure/extranet if required
  • We can offer a learning validation through a classroom component to complement E-Learning where necessary
  • Georgian College can provide proof of completion certificates for E-Learning modules
  • E-Learning courses include additional depth of content in the form or web links and attached PDFs or documents
We know what methods work and have applied that knowledge and experience to our E-Learning solution. The Workforce Development E-Learning program offers learners the ability to control the pace and flow in the non-threatening, patient manner… because everyone learns at a different pace.

We believe an important part of learning is actually doing, so our solution includes “learning by doing” exercises as well as real-time feedback for exercises. The extra-added advantage of our solution is the on-staff subject matter experts and qualified instructors who maintain and update a broad cross section of curriculum.

Some of our E-Learning partners include:
  • Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada)
  • Sir Fredrick Banting Legacy Foundation
  • Ontario Boating
  • Blue Door Shelters
  • Community Care Access Centres
  • Ergo Consulting
  • Yorkville Education Company
  • Georgian College
Our E-Learning partnerships offer a more effective and cost efficient means of delivering timely knowledge with a centralized, searchable content library. Since the information is web based, it supports multiple simultaneous users and can be accessed from anywhere, home or office.

Call us at 705.728.1968, ext. 1201 or e-mail us at