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Reporting & Evaluation for Administrators

The Georgian College E-Learning solution includes the ability to create reports to monitor effectiveness and individual progress of the users in a secure, private and confidential environment. Each module can be modified to reach individual or group training program goals. Some program features include:
  • Assessment can pre-test learners on their skill sets that respects privacy and confidentiality
  • Modules can be administered on a customized individual basis – linked to skill level
  • Re-certification can be automated based on learning achievements or requirements
  • Learners can add value to the learning process through automated input and feedback
  • Train-the-trainer modules can standardize the implementation of learning
  • Reporting features can track the progress of an individual or group
  • Learning can occur in both directions – surveys can provide field test product knowledge/information
Each E-Learning module can be customized to achieve group or individual learning objectives.
Georgian College Workforce Development will work with you to ensure the information in all learning environments is current and effective. We provide regular reports on individuals or groups.

Manage, deliver, and track all corporate content, from development of skills, such as software training, to transfer of knowledge, such as corporate policies and procedures. Archive training content in our Learning Management System through our content library so that it can be easily revised or re-purposed or create a web based copy that can be utilized through a web portal with our HTML 5, mobile compliant solution. Provide reports that track and analyze learner behavior in courses to evaluate learner performance and progress, as well as optimize content design.

Access & Feedback: Learners

Surprisingly, the learner is often overlooked in the development protocols of an E-Learning curriculum or course. The instructional design of our programs considers the student first to ensure that achieve maximum retention and comprehension of information; and we follow this up with a variety of tool sets to ensure we understand how learners benefit from their experiences and capture their feedback and allow sharing of information to enhance the learning process.

We use a variety of tools such as surveys and polls or quizzes to better understand the learner experience and we ensure we utilize media rich interactive e designs to engage learners. We can also customize a curriculum to include forums or chat rooms to allow for greater learner participation and integration as well.

Secure & confidential learner log on screen listing courses, descriptions & achievement levels