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Your Partner in Learning
This set of resources includes a customized set of forms and worksheets that are provided to our customers to assist and facilitate in administering a variety of learning programs including E-Learning.


These forms are designed to answer many enrollment and administration questions for our partners in E-Learning. If these forms do not fully respond top your needs, pleased don’t hesitate to call and discuss with our E-Learning administrator, Sue Knox at (705) 325-2740 x3368 or e-mail us at    
E-Learning Enrollment Requirements: This document provides E-Learning administrators with a form for submitting “paid for” enrollees, including the names, usernames and passwords for all enrollees in any and all E-Learning programs. This form must be filled out with an accurate working e-mail address to allow us to correspond confidentially with learners and to allow learner to access the system.

E-Learning Frequently Asked Questions: these are the answers to a number of questions provides to us through feedback with learners and administrators enrolled in our E-Learning program.

E-Learning Intake Form: this form is for organizations and companies who wish to partner with Workforce Development to develop a custom E-Learning program, including customization of any existing E-Learning courses or the creation of any new courses. It provides us with important information about your needs and any parameters that affect the development and design of an E-Learning program.

E-Learning System Requirements: This provides learners and administrators with an overview of basic system requirements for successfully accessing our E-Learning environment.

E-Learning Quiz Guidelines: When we are developing custom content we can employ a variety of quiz formats to test the knowledge and comprehension of learners. This defines what options are available.
Checklist E-Learning Problem Inquiry Form: If you are experiencing a problem we need to understand the circumstances. Online access and speed, computer systems, software etc., can all play a role in determining where the problem lies.
Using E-Learning Controls: While each module comes with an explanation of how to use the controls for E-Learning, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the controls for E-Learning before you enroll.

Content Development Guidelines:   This form provides you with an overview of how subject matter is prepared if and when you are incorporating legacy content or utilizing a third party subject matter expert when developing content for e-learning.
Sample Successful Completion Certificate: This is an example of the type of certificate Georgian College is authorized by the provincial government to provide to learners that have completed our non-accredited courses.